A beautiful city that seems to have been lost in the time, quiet and pleasant. One of the most visited and tourist cities in the country, must visit if we are making a tour through the south of Morocco. Known as the city of the wind, it should not be surprising to see a multitude of windsurfers arriving from all over the world. Essaouira is a vacation spot for Moroccans who go in search of beaches, rest, and flee the sweltering heat. Essaouira has several must-see places of interest, such as the beautiful Medina, declared a World Heritage Site, The Island of Mogador, The Ben Youssef Mosque, etc.

In Morocco, whatever our choice we can find beaches in their great majority very well preserved. As a rule Morocco has beaches considered safe, we only advise not to do so on the beaches of Venta because they are contaminated. The temperature of its waters is generally optimum at any time of the year.
The practice of surfing is very popular. It is common to meet surfers on hot days. This is very common on the northern beaches of Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, Agadir and Essaouira.
Morocco will allow you to enjoy not only its beaches with clean waters, but also enjoy its beautiful landscape, the splendid sun that shines practically throughout the year and for lovers of water sports, incredible waves.