Larache is one of the oldest Moroccan cities, it is a harbour town located in the region of Tangier Tetouan, in the north of Morocco, the city of Tetouan was founded back in the 7th century when a group of Muslims soldiers from Arabia extended their camp at Lixus onto the south bank of the Loukos River.
As of 1471 the city of Larcahe was inhabited untill Sultan Mohamed esheikh Essadi, decided to repopulate it and build a stronghold on the plateau above river Loukos, Sultan Mohamed esheikh Essadi constructed a fortress at the entrance to the port as a means of controlling access to the river, the Kasbah which was built in 1491 by Moulay en Nasser, later became a pirate stronghold, the year 1610, the town of Larache passed to Spanish hands who stayed there unitl 1689 but mainly used the ports as trading stops and never really administered the town.