What to do in Morocco

What to do in Morocco?
There are so many amazing thing to do in Morocco: from sightseeing tour of Morocco’s imperial cities to uncovering centuries of history at one of the many Kasbahs (castles) and museums or enjoying the moroccan cuisine and its fragrant spices and unique cooking methods whith a traditional mint tea , the possibilities are endless. Morocco road trips invites you to discover the best things to do on a visit to trational Hammam or take a tour through the souks inside the Moroccan medina walls For a memorable experience.
Morocco has so many diverse cities and attractions that it is difficult to narrow down the list to the top travel destinations. These are the most often cited as things to do and see in Morocco.
This list is an introduction to the best and most popular places to go in Morocco, from the Imperial cities and Atlantic coast to when to see the blossoms sunset and golden sanddunes in sahara desert.
Morocco road trips offers enough things to do in Morocco to keep each day a unique experience of lifetime. There are thousands of amazing things to do in Morocco, but we have handpicked the best and most amazing experiences to do in morocco :