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Morocco Road Trips is a travel company centered in Marrakech. The company was set up more than ten years ago by a group of locals with extensive knowledge of Morocco – its history, geography and culture – who have spent their lives working within the many facets of the travel and tourism industry. We offer day trips from Marrakech, as well as more extended, customized tours starting from anywhere in Morocco whatever the size of your group (from solo travellers to larger groups). The tours we provide allow you to explore all of Morocco - highlighting the very best of it’s Imperial Cities and their ancient medinas, the Atlas Mountains, Kasbahs and the Sahara Desert.

Crafting Unforgettable Road Trip Itineraries Just for You

Our Team

Having been afforded the opportunity to attend the University of Marrakech to gain a degree in English Literature and Tourism, we gained a deeper knowledge of Moroccan history and geography and began to feel passionately about educating and informing visitors about our culture, traditions and little-known nomadic way of life. It is important for us that our Moroccan guests are able to discover the real country: its mysterious hidden culture, warmth of hospitality, dramatic contrasts, legend and sense of romance. Our insights and knowledge may be invaluable in a country that offers such a wide variety of experiences.

Our Vision:

At Morocco Road Trips, we specialize in creating personalized journeys that cater to your unique preferences and interests. With a commitment to excellence, we continuously strive to exceed expectations, earning accolades for our professionalism and bespoke guided tours. From start to finish, we're here to ensure your Moroccan holiday is nothing short of extraordinary. Let us know your vision, and we'll tailor a tour that perfectly suits your needs and budget. Your adventure begins with us, as our driver picks you up from any location in Morocco.

Road Trip Itineraries

Your personally crafted tour will begin with one of our drivers picking you/your group up from any airport, port, railway station or your accommodation anywhere in Morocco. All our vehicles are comfortable, air-conditioned and will provide you with access to WIFI (where available!). After consulting with you, we can customize your experience to include: camel trekking, camping in traditional Berber tents in the Sahara Desert, sand-boarding, quad biking, visits to Morocco’s Imperial Cities, hiking in the Atlas Mountains, exploring Morocco’s Atlantic Coastal towns/villages and so much more! Contact Morocco Road Trips to begin planning your trip of a lifetime – we can help guide you in unlocking the exotic mysteries of Morocco!

Our Mission Statement

The company’s founders developed a passion for Moroccan traditions, culture and language from an early age, growing up in a small, rural community on the cusp of the Sahara Desert. The ethos of the company has also been influenced by its other members – some of whom experienced nomadic childhoods, traveling the Sahara Desert with their dromedary camels following water and grass for a very sustainable lifestyle. They survived by eating Dates and drinking natural bio milk provided by their domestic animals (camels & goats), also using local plants and vegetation to create herbal cures and medicines. Our Mission Statement To ensure that every aspect of your journey is an enriching and unforgettable experience.

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