Camel ride in morocco’s Sahara desert

What to wear when riding camel in Morocco Sahara desert ?

For camel riding in morocco’s Sahara desert, you should dress modestly, keeping your shoulders and knees covered. That applies to time spent in the desert, too. Women cover themselves in loose clothing and headscarves, so you’ll feel more comfortable dressing in a way that fits in with the local style. Keep reading to learn what to wear in Morocco!


When riding camel in the Sahara, the scarf you could grab before heading to desert, will be your best friend. You’ll use it to keep your hair out of your face, to cover your face from sand, and you’ll even get it tied into a traditional headscarf by your Berber guide. And don’t worry; if you forget to pack one, you can buy one at the souk in Marrakech.

Comfy, Flowy Pants:

When planning what to wear in Morocco, flowing, loose pants are great for hot weather and for keeping your legs covered. They can also be comfy to wear as pajama bottoms at night.

For desert trips, you’re going to be sitting in a car for a long time (specially if you go on 3 days desert tours from Marrakesh or Fez) and you’ll be riding a camel, which is not the most comfortable activity or form of transportation. These are way more comfortable than wearing jeans or leggings on a camel!

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