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Morocco camel trekking from Tangier

Morocco camel trekking from Tangier allows you to discover Morocco, feel the real moroccan flavour and the variant culture between Europe and Africa. Choose from a range of camel trekking tours from tangier to the historical Imperial Cities of Morocco such as : Fez , the Roman Ruins of Volucilis via Chefchaouen including a sahara desert adventure where you will have the opportunity to get in touch whith local berbers at the Bedouind desert Camp in the midlle of nowhere. Book your Morocco camel trekking from Tangier, we guarantee you will not find a better price.


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Looking for Morocco tours packages ?
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Visit Morocco to Explore the best places and cities to visit in Morocco for couples, children and family holiday destinations. Discover great Morocco holiday ideas for family holidays, weekends away, short breaks and days out in sahara desert. Visit Morocco to explore the magic of the Imperial Cities, Atlantic Coast, the golden dunes of Merzouga sahara Desert, or the views of High Atlas Mountains and Berber villages.


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Marrakech desert tours is the most exciting trips that travellers mus do when arriving in Morocco. Nothing compares with the sunset in the desert while crossing the dunes on camel, the sky full of stars and the delicious dinner cooked by local people(berbers)! Come with us in sahara desert tours from Marrakech including camel tours to have an incredible experience, you will not be sorry! For most vistors, Marrakesh desert tours is the first authentic experience and destination not to miss during their holidays to Morocco.
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Explore local souks

It is the best moroccan experience you could have in the country. Local souk is a place where Moroccan goods and merchandise such as craft-work, jewellery, carpets are sold. For a memorable experience, visit the souks inside the Moroccan medina walls and you’ll find beautiful jewellery, lamps and carpets there.


Moroccan culture

People in Morocco are very friendly and welcoming. Morocco is situated on the north-west coast of Africa and is rich in culture. Morocco is well known for its artistic wood works and the pottery made by the Moroccan people is very popular.


Jamaa el Fna square

It is the most popular city place and square in Marrakech, often called as the heart of Marrakech. The city square attracts tourists from all over the world and especially at night, is filled with story tellers, snake charmers, also dancers and musicians. During the day, the square is a shopping paradise for tourists , full of souvenirs.

day trips from Marrakech

Moroccan hamman

Moroccan hamman is a special place where the Moroccans go every 1 week to bathe and clean themselves. The hamman is a significant part of Moroccan life and if you enjoy steam bath or sauna, you should head definitely to the hammam. You can also treat yourselves to a massage, body treatments with essential oils and also fragrant perfumes.


Moroccan views

You may explore Morocco from sand dunes of the Sahara desert to mountains in High Atlas and also Chefchaouen Rif mountain. Morocco has got its beautiful landscapes which make travel to Morocco the ultimate adventure. You may try out the various outdoor activities such as adventure travel, snow skiing, and others


Moroccan cuisine

Morocco traditional cuisine has a blend of various cultures and the food is greatly influenced by Arab, Mediterranean, Jewish and African palettes.