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I have rarely returned to a country that I have visited but something about Morocco keeps calling me back – I love the contrast between the chaos and noise of the cities and markets, and the serenity of the mountains and deserts and beaches.

About a Trip to the Saharan Steppes

My trips to Morocco have enchanted me - even though I've visited many times there is so much more to see!

Camel riding in Morocco’s Sahara Desert

The camels were tethered together in caravans of about six and were guided by a camel handler. There were a few other guides walking along-side the caravans, just in case anyone needed anything – or fell off, I guess! It was such a unique experience –

What To Pack for a Desert Tour in Morocco

It was such a unique overnight camel trek experience – the dunes are so quiet and feel so remote. As you are moving along, the only thing you can see in any direction is sand and sky.