Honeymoon Package / couple’s holiday in Morocco :

Are you looking for a couple’s holiday in Morocco that combines a luxurious private tour and glamping in the Sahara Desert? As well as our usual Sahara Desert Tours from Tangier, our Imperial Cities Tours from Casablanca and our luxury Private Tours throughout Morocco we are now offering an exclusive Honeymoon Package, which provides V. I. P. Private Sahara Desert Excursions – your own tailor-made tour around Morocco.
Let MOROCCO ROAD TRIPS bring you on a romantic journey through Morocco – allowing you to lose yourself in it’s maze-like medinas, experience a traditional Moroccan hammam (massage), explore ancient ruins and historical sites, view Marrakech from the air during a hot-air balloon ride, taste it’s exotic spices and authentic tagines, relax and unwind at one of our Atlantic coastal towns and share the unique experience of glamping in a luxury Berber camp after camel trekking through the Sahara Desert at sunset.
Our Honeymoon Package is all about exploring the Imperial Cities, the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara Desert which is why, here at MOROCCO ROAD TRIPS, we will do our best to make your time in Morocco as carefree and memorable as possible. We offer luxury tours, facilities and hotels with the focus on putting mystery and romance at the heart of your trip. Accommodation has been carefully selected to ensure that you can have an indulgent, rich and cultural experience. Here’s a sample of a prescribed Tour Package from Casablanca from MOROCCO ROAD TRIPS – this romantic holiday can also start from Tangier , Fes or from Marrakesh to suit your needs by contacting us!