Desert tours from Tangier in Morocco are a great desert safari if you are going to Morocco for honeymoon, family holidays or travelling with friends. Check out our desert tours from Tangier, they are a great chance for our costumers who want to spend unforgettable time when visiting Morocco. Witness the spectacular sunset and amazing desert sunrise that will leave you surprised! If you did not experience desert tours from Tangier yet, Morocco Road Trips offers the top recommended Sahara desert tours in Morocco that are guaranteed to give you the best adventure. Since Tangier is the ideal place to start a desert trip from the North of Morocco getting to experience the adventure and thrill of cruising the sandy dunes of the Sahara desert and also enjoy the traditional live drumming entertainment and delicious Berber food.

Desert tour from Tangier also gives you the opportunity to learn about Moroccan traditions as you get to dress in the traditional attire and indulge in Berber food. On the other hand, you can also try sand boarding in one of the most exciting spots in Merzouga Sahara desert by grabbing one of the sand boards that our team supplies. Book your desert tours from Tangier and our team will keep you excited. Here’s a wide range of desert tours you can experience when going for Sahara desert tours from Tangier: